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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell In Dravidian University has been established in the year 2009-10, Prof. Ch. Varadarajulu Naidu worked as the Director in the first phase. The IQAC was restructured after Prof. K. Rathnaiah took charge as the Vice-Chancellor. Prof. P. Subbachary, (A senior Professor and knowledgeable person in computers and communication systems) is appointed, as per the guidelines, as the Director/coordinator for the new Committee of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell on 8th May 2012. He has been discharging the duties as its Director till the date. The following is the structure of the new IQAC:


Prof. E. Sathyanarayana


Prof. G. Lokanadha Reddy
Dept.of Education & HRD


Prof. K. Sharada
Head, Department of Kannada


Prof. G. L. Narayanappa
Dean, School of Commerce & Management


Dr. T. Anuradha
Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science


Dr. S. Aquter Babu
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science


Dr. V. Lokanatha,
Assistant. Professor, Dept. of Herbal Sciences


Deputy Registrar


External Experts:



Prof. T. V. Krishna Reddy
S.V. University


Sri. B. Gangi Reddy
Rathna Bio –Tech, Kolamasanapalli


Sri. B. C. Nagaraju
Chairman, .B.C.N Institutions.


Prof.D. Srinivas Kumar
Dept. of Education & Human Resource Development
Director / Coordinator of IQAC


Prof.B.Tiruapati Rao
Member Secretary

Formation and Activities of the IQAC:
The IQAC has designed a multipronged strategy for the creation and sustenance of the Quality in Teaching, Research and Administration. The following activities of the IQAC are being carried out. The formation of the members are chosen according to the strategy. Well experienced from the industrial side and from the educational management side are inducted in this body as it is suggested in the guidelines of the IQAC suggested by the NAAC. Very senior and reputed academicians are selected even from among the internal members.

Periodical Meetings of the Body:
Quarterly and Half yearly meetings of the body are conducted. External members who are drawn from the industrial side and the educational management side strengthened the activities of the IQAC. Mr. Gangi Reddy who is the Director of the Rathna Biotech guided the IQAC to pave a path towards collaboration with the local industries not only to take part in the research and patenting but also in designing the curriculum designing science and technological courses. Another external expert member Mr. B.C Nagaraj has given a new direction to the IQAC towards getting accreditation based upon the experience of his educational institution. He is the guiding force in educational management. The Vice-Chancellor himself evinced very keen interest in all of the meetings of the body in planning and managing the programs to move forward towards evaluating the university before going to accreditation. Fore meetings are conducted within this limited period.

Workshops for Quality:
The IQAC conducted four workshops for the faculty, Heads and Deans to make them aware of the process of the accreditation. Each of the faculty members are did attended in these workshop and cleared their doubts and made themselves aware of the process. Prof. T.V Krishna Reddy who was instrumental at S.V. University in its accreditation process in the recent past years delivered two special lecturers based on his experience in quality management. He extensively used audio visual support to his workshop. Prof. Chandra Shekhara Reddy former faculty member of the S.V. University and who acted as a member in peer teams which evaluated other universities’ activities, conducted one workshop and taught the methodology of the NAAC accreditation process. He shown a PowerPoint presentation and made every faculty spell bound in teaching the processes. Prof. P. Subbachary delivered two special lecture with the help of PowerPoint on the accreditation process. He particularly made aware of the faculty about the quality rankings of the universities at international level and within our country. He made the faculty to know bottom line quality and standards of various universities including the Dravidian University. The honorable Vice Chancellor himself address the faculty members by his spontaneous and motivating lectures within the workshops. The workshops created a space to the faculty to think about the assessment and evaluation of the academic activities of the self and of the University.

Training for the non-teaching staff:
The Dravidian University took serious initiative in making its office staff a quality professionals. Well experienced administrative staff from other universities are invited for conducting motivating lectures to the non-teaching staff and to train them in office and file management. They were particularly trained in letter drafting and note making. Computer based training and examinations too were conducted to the office staff. A two week long training camp was conducted to the non-teaching staff in communicative English. The vice-chancellor Prof. K. Rathnaiah has been addressing the non-teaching staff to motivate them time to time whenever he found some occasion.

Feedback from the Students:
The IQAC designed a unique kind of form for the evaluation of the teacher performance by the student. The director of the IQAC went through the feedback process and the forms of various universities in and out of India and designed a structure for the student evaluation of the teacher. The evaluation was anonymous. All students who are going out from second and fourth semesters are given the designed pro-formas for feedback and were asked to fill them by their judgment on the performance, punctuality and overall teacher standards. The feedback programmes are conducted every end of the semester and end of the academic year. The feedback is very much helpful for the teachers in looking at themselves and improvise themselves in terms of curricular and non-curricular activities.

CBCS pattern of Curriculum:
The IQAC and the University administration unanimously thought for the implementation of the CBCS method of teaching and cafeteria method of provision of courses. The student have an opportunity to choose the electives based on their need and passion irrespective of their main course. The IQAC is quite aware of the fact that the CBCS method of curriculum and teaching are bottom line needs in the process of quality management in education and basic need of the NAAC accreditation.

The IQAC Vis-a-vis the Administration:
The IQAC is cautioning the University administration time-to-time about the basic requirements, infra of academic needs, buildings and other facilities that are needed to the University before it is going to knock at the doors of the NAAC. It has a continuous interaction with the administration in all of its aspects.