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Other Administrators of Various Sections

Administrative Position Name of the Staff Contact Number
Dean, Academic Affairs & Chief Warden Prof. D. Srinivas Kumar 9652840923
Nodal Officer for Spandana Programme
(Scholarships Matters)
Prof. D. Srinivas Kumar 9652840923
Director, IQAC Prof. K.Shyamala 94409 26992
Deputy Director, IQAC Prof. Jayalalitha 09959369473
Co-ordinator for National Education Policy(NEP) Cell Prof. D. Srinivas Kumar 7382592915
Nodal Officer for Legal Cell Prof. D. Srinivas Kumar 7382592915
Coordinator, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Cell Prof. K.Ammulu 8985813438
Coordinator for International Desk Dr. P. Murali Krishna Reddy 9985482278
Proctor for Learning Management System(LMS) Prof. K.Ammulu 8985813438
P.R.O Dr. M. S. Durga Praveena 9441997639
Warden, Men's Hostel Prof. D.V. Sravan Kumar 9492634686
Deputy Warden-1, Men's Hostel Dr. V. Gopal 9490051969
Deputy Warden-2, Men's Hostel Dr. M. Hari Krishna 9949031968
Deputy Warden-3, Men's Hostel Dr. G. Mariappan 9494454410
Warden for Akkamahadevi Women's Hostel Prof.R. Yasoda 87909 17414
Warden for Sirigiri Women's Hostel Dr. V. Mercy Jyothi -94907 16903 -
Co-ordinator, NSS Programme &
Co-ordinator, Ekbharat Shreshta Bharat
Prof.R. Yasoda 87909 17414
Co-ordinator - I, Implementing National directives for
COVID-19 Management in the University
Prof. M.N.Venkatesha 07382753182
Co-ordinator - II, Implementing National directives for COVID-19 Management in the University Prof. S. Chinna Reddaiah 94406 11033
Nodal Officer, Statistical Cell Prof. K.Shyamala 94409 26992
Guest House I/c Prof. M.C. Kesavamurthy 94405 05878
UGC Computer Centre I/c Mrs. B.N. Kalavathi 94413 87444
Website Officer Dr.S. Rajeswara Reddy 94942 97521
Nodal Officer for NIC & e-Office Prof. V. Kiran kumar 9440 484824
Nodal Officer,Inter-University Center for Teacher Education(IUCTE) Prof.R Yasoda 8790917414
Nodal Officer,Stronger India through Million Health Educated Students(SMiLES) Prof.M. Masthan 9949274182
Professor In-charge of Legal issues - -
Part time Medical Officer - - - -
Co-ordinator-1, Off-Campus Ph.D Dr. M. S. Durga Praveena 83310 39148
Co-ordinator-2,, Off-Campus Ph.D Dr. G. Mariappan 9494454410
Co-ordinator, UGC Prof. K.Shyamala 94409 26992
Co-ordinator, Board for Community Development Through Education(BCDE) Dr. A. Kishore 94409 26992
Placement Officer Prof. K.Ammulu 8985813438
Centre for Dravidian Lexicography Prof. G. Ambedkar 94907 36166
Co-ordinator, Women's Redressal Cell Dr. T.Sobha Rani 9494435886
Additional Co-ordinator, Women's Redressal Cell Sms.B.N.Kalavathi 9441387444
Co-ordinator, SC/ST Cell Dr. G. Sailamma 96183 61905
Co-ordinator, UGC Coaching Schemes for SC/ST/OBC (Non-creamy Layer) Minorities Dr. B. Srinivas 98494 945581
Co-ordinator for Value Education Cell Prof. D. Srinivas Kumar ......
Co-ordinator, UGC Day_Care Centre Dr. G. Sailamma 96183 61905
Co-ordinator, Career & Counseling Cell Dr.Aravind Kumar 93910 29522
Co-ordinator, Equal Opportunities Cell Dr. B. Srinivas 98494 94558
NCC Care Taking Officer Dr. D. Srpriya 9000299691
Co-ordinator, Unnat Bharth Abhiyan(UBA) Dr.R. Yasoda 87909 17414
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)-Incharge Prof. V. Lokanatha 94926 40923
DRR (Disaster Risk Resilience) Management-Incharge Dr.T.Shobha Rani 94944 35886
Rural Resilience and WASH (Water,Sanitation and Hygiene)-Incharge Prof. S. Vijaya Vardhini 94416 44461
Co-ordinator, R&D Cell Prof. M.Doraswamy 94402 19118
Deputy Co-ordinator, R&D Cell Dr. M.S. Durga Praveena 94419 97639
Centre for Manuscriptology Dr. K. Shyamala 94409 26992
Nodal Officer-
To upload monthly reports, e-Programmes, e-Convocations, etc in the website of RajBhavan
Mrs. B.N.Kalavathi 94413 87444
Liaison Officer Dr. D. Jyothamma 9959361867
Co-ordinator for Facial Recogniition Solutions Smt. B.N Kalavathi 9441387444
V.C's Office
Superintendent Sri K.S. Kishore 94414 51268
Examination Section
Dean of Examinations Prof. Aravind Kumar 93910 29522
Controller of Examinations Dr. P. Nageswara Rao 83310 39118
Assistant Controller of Examinations - II Sri J. Kiran Kumar 94908 30380
Superintendent Sri T.J. Gnanasekhar Naidu 94944 40200
Senior Assistant Sri R. Srinivasulu 94400 52824
Junior Assistant Sri T.V. Narasimha Prasad 73383 26226
Dean Academic Affairs (for Regular Courses only)
Dean, Academic Affairs Prof. D. Srinivas Kumar 73825 92915
Assistant Registrar Sri G. Ramappa 94930 48264
Junior Assistant Smt. R. Padmavathi
Directorate of Distance Education
Director I/c, SDCE Prof. S. Vijaya Vardhini 94416 44461
Engineering Section
Deputy Executive Engineer Sri K. Anil Kumar Reddy 94407 07967
Estate Officer Sri M. C. Raghupathi 94406 31396
Draftsmen Smt. R. Nawheera 9502508064
Establishment Section
Finance Officer Prof. A.K. Venugopal Reddy 08639647337
Deputy Registrar Sri N. Madhava Naidu 94926 31319
Assistant Registrar Dr.M.N.Mythili Rajalakshmi 94939 50215
Superintendent Sri T. V. Murali Mohan 94933 71730
Superintendent Sri C. Armugam 73827 80268
Senior Assistant Sri M. Sankar 93982 31233
Senior Assistant Sri S.Naveen Kumar raju 8331963021
Junior Assistant Sri K. Murugesh 79899 06824
Junior Assistant Smt E. Asha Jyothi ------
Accounts Section
Superintendent Sri P.R. Chandrasekhar 94912 87698
Junior Assistant Sri D. Sudhakar Reddy 94909 74715
Junior Assistant Sri s. Munirathnam 79897 74616