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Remedial Coaching Schemes for SC-ST

       The remedial coaching scheme is meant for those students belonging to marginalized social groups and is not able to cope up with regular class-room teaching and not so motivated. Under this scheme the University invited experts in the fields of Psychology, Personality Development, Leadership Development, Motivation, Self Assessment, Soft Skills and Corporate Communication. About 50 classes with huge gathering of students were done with experts like Dr. Swamy, Dr NB Sudhakar Reddy, Prof. Govinda Reddy (SVU), Prof. GV Ramana (SKU), Dr. Ramakant Sharma, Dr. K. Narasimha reddy, Mrs.S.Begum (trainee DSP), Kuppam, Dr. Ch Kondaiah, Director, Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy Institute of HRD. A Separate intensive session for personality and leaderships development to the students were organized . In this programme classes were conducted for each school by the experts in this field. Later the feedback also collected from the students which showed a positive attitude and motivation among many students.