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Vision and Mission


The global perspectives and research in Dravidian Studies, the contemporary perceptions of higher education and the regional demand of a backward rural area have fused into one mission that led to the formation of Dravidian University, which is different from or Universities in its priorities, obligations and responsibilities. The spirit of integration is the guiding force behind the establishment of the University. The linguistic and cultural integration at national and international levels is the cherished objective of the University


The ultimate goal of the Dravidian University is to foster and strengthen national integration through a wider knowledge and understanding of Dravidian Languages, Literature, Culture, Sciences and Technology. Dravidian University sees the linguistic more as an opportunity for self-discovery and mother-tongue as the Archimedean point to bring about paradigm shift in education. The University promotes a broad-based and extensive project of translation of texts and narratives, in addition to a comparative study of cultures and languages, including visual and performing arts. It endeavors to play a crucial role in affirming the Dravidian cultural heritage and to reinstate the native idioms and in refiguring the local histories. The multicultural focus of the University is meant to respect differences and resist all attempts at homogenization while indigenizing the mind-sets of academics