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    Centre for Publications & Extension Services

            Dravidian University was established with a view to uplift the Dravidian Culture, Research and Publications. It was started in the year 1997, based at the Tri-lingual junction point of the three states viz., Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. To fulfill the objective of establishment of Dravidian University, Prasaaraanga, had been created for projecting and popularizing the forgotten, neglected and ignored classical treasures of the literatures of the four major Dravidian Languages along with Tulu and international language English. Prasaaraanga has made itself seen, heard and read here and abroad widely with its publications with the motto of “four wings to four corners”. Prasaaraanga has the privilege to say it is the only wing of the Dravidian University which publishes and translates books of major Dravidian languages in the entire India.

            With plan and commitment Prasaaraanga will bring out standard books in all four major Dravidian languages along with Tulu and English. “Telugannada Kathalu” is a typical example of a good work brought out from the extraction of Telugu and Kannada stories.

            Prasaaraanga has taken up initiation to bring out the teaching and research works in the Dravidian University into book forms. Thereby it can propagate expert and intelligent people’s research to common man. Here we follow high values along with high standards while publishing our books. As a result, we got internationally recognizable ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to some of our books. Till now, our centre had published more than 238 titles including translation works. We got ISBN numbers to more than 100 titles, it reflects the standard of books published by Prasaaraanga. We will get ISBN numbers to all remaining titles soon.

            It was a great honour to both our University and Prasaaraanga to publish internationally acclaimed book in English, Dravidian Languages and Culture (selected Essays) by Andree F.Sjoberg (University of Texas at Austin). We also published “South Indian Folk Dictionary” (Dakshina Bharatheeya Vignana Kosam) a very resourceful book to Dravidian people. Earlier, only Kannada people had an advantage over this book. Dravidian University had taken so much pain in brining out this work in Telugu. This work helps Telugu people a lot to know more and more about Dravidian folk.

    Prasaaraanga – Various Projects:

            In continuation of publishing of books, various valuable projects were taken up by Prasaaraanga. Under these projects, Vajrakosam (Telugu-Telugu Dictionary) most useful to the students upto P.G. level, Telugu Karadeepika which contains Telugu literature, criticism and prosody is very much useful to the students who are preparing for competitive exams, and a good number of books which would be very useful to both scholars and teachers, were brought out by Prasaaraanga.

            Prasaaraanga was successful in brining out two books on Ayurvedam, Homoeopathy medicines under another esteemed project “Griha Saraswathi”. In addition to this, the volumes on 1) Grihavaidyam 2) Aaharam, Aarogyam 3) Paryavaranam 4) Pillala pempakam, pillala manasthathvam 5) Computer 6) Yoga 7) Griha vignanam (Griha Alankarana) 8) Anudina Vignanam 9) Chitrakala 10) Aahara Niyamalu are to be published by Prasaaraanga in near future. From 2009 onwards many projects were completed successfully, and Prasaaraanga is ready to take up many prestigious projects in the time ahead.

    Prasaaraanga- Extension Services :

            “Prathibha” Awards were constituted to identify and honour the eminent persons, who strived hard for the upliftment of Dravidian Literature and Art. Under Prathibha Awards, the University had decided to honour eight eminent personalities in various streams like Best Folk Singer, Best Folk Artiste, Best Awadhani, Best Poetess, Best Poet, Best Dancer, Best Researcher and Best Musician from Andhra Pradesh State only. Each award carries a cash prize of Rs.20,000/- (Twenty Thousand rupees), Citation and felicitation. This prestigious task was proudly taken up by . Prasaaraanga and completed successfully. Moreover, to promote research on Dravidian Languages and Culture, Prasaaraanga had started publishing one quarterly research journal, “Dravidian Studies”. We are proud to say that this journal got ISSN. On the other hand we are also publishing tri-monthly research journal “Draavidi” in Telugu language from 2011 onwards. We are trying our best to get ISSN to this journal also. Above all, all the ongoing activities of teaching, research and extracurricular activities, seminar details have been brought out in the form of news letter “The Dravidian” by name. These are all tools for promoting and spreading of Dravidian culture and literature to all parts of the globe.

    Translations-Cultural Researches and Integrity Activities:

            With a vision to promote integrity among Dravidians, Dravidian University had started publishing of translated works through Prasaaraanaga right from 2005 itself. University rightly, recognized that the translations works function as connecting links for mutual understanding of Dravidian Culture, and civilization. To unveil unity in Dravidian culture, Prasaaraanga had taken up translations among Dravidian languages extensively. Prasaaraanga strongly believes in, national integrity will be achieved only through emotional integrity and cultural unity. Translation of works among Dravidian languages, will be taken up along with Tulu and English. One standard book in one language will be translated into another languages and vice versa, there by facilitating knowledge transfer from one language to another language.

            So far Prasaaraanga had completed 70 translation works (English - 23, Telugu - 12, Kannada - 18, Tulu - 1, Tamil - 11 and Malayalam - 5). We are committed to bring more and more number of translations in near future. Prasaaraanga elevates prestige of the University, by giving importance to prominent Dravidian languages & cultures.

            Publications, Projects, Puraskaras and other Extension Services by Prasaaraanga will definitely add another feather in the crown of success and greatness of our university. To realize that objective, we at Prasaaraanga, always strive for it.